Kyanit Parke Increases Efficiency in Buildings with Pumice Production
Date Added: 20 July 2022, 15:34
Last Updated Date:06 December 2022, 12:35

Kyanit Parke closely follows the developments in the construction and building sector in addition to new demands emerging in the market and continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector with its strong corporate structure and capital.

Providing completely self-produced 72 types of products with colour options in a total of 29 different construction material types including concrete pavement, curbs, concrete blocks, pumice blocks and infrastructure products for the construction sector, Kyanit Parke, also produces basic construction building materials with 6 types of Pumice Group products.

Environment-Friendly Pumice Blocks

Pumice is a volcanic rock and is light due to its very porous structure. It provides very good heat and sound insulation thanks to its natural pores.

Having a high melting temperature, pumice does not emit any gas harmful to the environment when it melts and provides effective protection against fire.

One of the most important features of pumice is its positive effect on weights of buildings thanks to its lightness. Pumice, which has a specific weight of 0.6-0.7 kg/dm³, is lighter than other building products, reducing the load on the building foundation.

Earthquake Resistant Due to Its High Elasticity

Since pumice has high elasticity compared to brick, which is a brittle material, building elements produced from pumice have more strength than other building elements. Since it is 6 times more flexible than concrete, breakage and cracking are at a minimum level and it has the ability to absorb impacts.

In addition, pumice prevents moisture as it contains a high amount of water vapor in its structure and creates healthy spaces that have air-permeability while it does not create bad odour by making natural ventilation thanks to its porous structure.

Kyanit Parke uses pumice as raw material in its production facilities in Değirmenlik to produce 4 different sizes of pumice blocks and 2 different sizes of hollow blocks and offer them to the use of consumers.

Kyanit Parke General Manager Gökhan Uyal said the following about Pumice:
“We offer an important service to the construction industry with the Pumice block, which we produce in our factory and call lightweight construction elements. Pumice, for which demand in the construction industry has been increasing in recent years, has become very commonly used, especially in interior and exterior walls. In addition, it is also preferred in the manufacture of roofs and chimneys, hollow tiles slabs, and garden walls. Pumice blocks made of pumice and cement do not have a negative effect on the environment and human health, as they are a natural building material that does not contain radioactive and toxic substances. On the contrary, pumice is considered environment-friendly since production does not include employment of any chemical or biological methods. In order to meet the constantly increasing needs of our construction sector, we ensure our Pumice production is carried out at the maximum level in a fully integrated operation from the raw material procurement process to all stages of production. In parallel with the widespread use of pumice, we aim to increase the efficiency of buildings.”