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Because the tests are organized according to the quality plan at Kyanit Parke, a total of 27 tests are conducted, starting from the raw material tests to the final product. Tests are conducted in accordance with the TS EN 12350-6, TS EN 12390-7, TS EN 12390-3/2003, TS EN 772-1, TS EN 772-6, TS 2824 EN 1338, TS 436 EN 1340 standards determined by the Turkish Standards Institute.

Some of such tests are:

Fresh Product Consistency Test; conducted daily to control unit volume mass and in the given frequency for compressive and flexural strength.

Fresh Product Cement Content Test; conducted daily to control the cement content, determine the water-cement ratio and provide data.

 Moulded Concrete Sample Compressive Strength Test; conducted in daily production with 6 samples taken from each concrete class for each 100 cubic meters of production.

 Cobblestone Strength Test; conducted in once production for each type of product for the split tensile strength.

 Control of Cobblestone Working Dimensions Test; conducted once in production for each type of product to determine the actual dimensions.